Variety Packages

Our Variety Package Deals can be used to purchase 3, 5, or 10 hours of a variety of massage types at a significant discount.  Normal prices range between $75 and $85 per hour.  Package prices range between $69 and $73 per hour. 

Take your choice of the following for any appointment:
-Thai Combo Massage (Normally $75/hour)
-Swedish Massage (Normally $79/hour)
-Deep Tissue Massage (Normally $85/hour)
-Aromatherapy Massage (Normally $85/hour)
3  hours  $219    = $73/hr.

5  hours  $360    = $72/hr.

10 hours  $690  = $69/hr.

It's up to you what type of massage to get at each appointment, and what combination of 60 minute / 90 minute / 120 minute appointments you want.  Maybe Thai Combo Massage today, and Deep Tissue Massage next time? You decide.

Expires in 1 year  |  Non-Refundable

Gift card  Available

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